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The fastest, cheapest & easiest way to set your company up to fundraise and manage ongoing compliance. We reduce legal costs by 70% in the first year for startups in India.

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Frequently asked questions

    • Does Commenda handle US compliance?

      Our team of accountants are certified and experienced working with cross-border startups in India & US.

    • How much do you charge for a term-sheet review?

      We charge a flat-fee of $100. SAFE reviews are free.

    • Does Commenda do flips?

      Yes, we can flip your company to the US or Singapore for 75% less than the competition.

    • How does Commenda flip companies so cheaply? Do we need a law firm?

      Commenda is able to deliver cheaper and more efficient legal services because we do not bill by the hour. We also have all of our work overseen by an experienced startup lawyer.

    • Does Commenda set up my bank account for me?

      While we do not set up your bank account automatically, Commenda works with a partner bank to set up your bank account in one click.

    • We don't know anyone in the US/Singapore, how can we set up a company without a registered agent/local director?

      Commenda offers a virtual agent service that provides our customers with local agents/directors in any jurisdiction that requires one.

    • Do you offer a virtual mailbox service?

      Yes, Commenda collects all of your physical mail and organizes it into a digital mailbox.

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